11 Jun 2012

“Before we can “do something” for the poor, there are some things we need to stop doing to them.”

5 Apr 2012



Hey followers,

My best friend’s grandmother has gone missing. It’s been over 24 hours and my friends at home are very anxious. She has been missing since Wednesday afternoon in the San Gabriel Valley area, but she may have hopped on a bus and could be anywhere right now. PLEASE HELP!! Reblog to get the word out. Thank you so much.

Name: Denh Soi Lai
DOB: July 3, 1933 
Age: 78 
Height: 4’11” Weight: 90-100 lbs
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Short White/grey; wavy on the tips
Ethnicity: Chinese
Language: Cantonese/Hakka (understands a little Vietnamese)

Key information:
-ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE possibly in stage 6 (memory loss).
-Slouched posture
-Missing a few of her top front teeth.
-Sometimes she’s out looking for cans.
-Childlike behavior
-No identification on her

20 Feb 2012

“He [Rick Santorum] is a staunch opponent of abortion, even in the case of rape. Even in the case of rape, telling CNN recently that a woman, in that case, should, and I quote, ‘make the best out of a bad situation, and accept the gift from God.’ Wow. I think women should say the same thing to Santorum, Andy, after from now until the end of his weaselly life, they see him in the street and kick him in the fucking balls. ‘Please accept this gift from God, Rick, this pointed-shoed gift to your plums. Why are you rolling around on the ground crying, Rick? Please make the best out of this bad situation. In fact, rejoice, because I believe another lady is coming over to gift you with another high-velocity nut shot. Praise be, Rick! God is graciously raining gifts into your groinal area, you fucking douche.’”

John Oliver on Rick Santorum, The Bugle 183 (via sixpencesoulcake)

12 Feb 2012

After lecturing to a sea of dull-eyed stares...

  • Professor: What's wrong with you guys today? You all look terrible.
  • Classmate: It's gloomy today.
  • Professor: Gloomy? What are you, a flower?

21 Jan 2012

January blues.

A post of mine about Hugo Schwyzer got reblogged by a number of feminist blogs. I intend to address the issues raised in those posts, but not right away because I have things outside of the Internet to do. (I’m posting this lest my lack of posting be taken as a sign of meek withdrawal from the Internet for being called deluded, mindless, sexist, or a puppet, among other things. Discomfited yes, scared off—no.)

My hiatus from Tumblr posting may be a while. I’m juggling full-time student status, various college transfer application deadlines, student government, my campus’ feminist club leadership, social duties (Chinese New Year), and a mean case of what I’m hoping are the temporary blues. I’m choosing to let this lay, in favor of more pressing issues in my life.

15 Jan 2012


  • Friend: like, every breakfast from here until diabetes is gonna be pancakes.
  • Friend: regular pancakes strawberry pancakes mexican hot chocolate pancakes lemon ricotta pancakes

15 Jan 2012

As a feminist who is a friend of Hugo Schwyzer’s, I’m very disheartened to see that there are self-identified feminists who would take such a reactionary stance against Hugo without looking at his words, actions, roles, and past in context. It’s a disappointing moment in history when we as a movement attempt to expel our best members based on quotes and accusations carefully culled to be as misleading and inflammatory as possible, simply because someone doesn’t fit the mold of being the perfect feminist with an always do-gooder past and the right demographic background.

In the past thirteen years, Hugo has gone above and beyond to make amends and create an accountability process for himself. I’ve seen the work he does to individually help others, and to be a safe space for students at my college. He uses his past experiences and current resources to help, not harm.

Isn’t one of the first few lessons of feminism realizing that what a feminist “looks like” can be wildly different from our expectations?

31 Dec 2011

New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve.

29 Dec 2011

“Why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having, she’d have waited for you’? No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.”

from This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald. (via fabula)

I like this, even though I don’t really care what a girl’s sexual (or non-sexual) behavior is like, so long as it’s her choice to make.

(Source: thecoffeewasgoodtoday)

27 Dec 2011

On Hugo Schwyzer





Out of all the men that have ever abused/raped me, many of them were addicted to one thing or another. It didn’t mean a damn thing when it came down to it. A lot of people in my life have been addicted to things and even more have had mental illnesses. However, none of those other people addicted to things have ever hurt me. I cannot separate the abusers in my life by looking at if a person is addicted to something or not. Addicted people have hurt me, addicted people have never touched me.

Hugo Schwyzer is an abusive person. He’s also an addict. The two do not, in my experience beget one another and they are not mutually exclusive. They shouldn’t be treated as either. He is two things. He is also a man that is rapidly becoming the center of feminist discourse, something I have a major problem with. I’m tired of men getting to say half-concocted, elementary level versions of  ideas that women have been saying for decades upon decades to no avail, but they seem revolutionary when they come out of men’s mouths. I’m tired of men getting to tell me about the way my sex and gender are viewed and abused. I know. You don’t have to tell me. Let me tell you how it feels to have your lover try to murder you, because I don’t think you know Hugo.

Excellent and thought-provoking commentary, presented without additional comment.

Hugo is gross. I didn’t even know who he was until recently, and then everyone on my Twitter feed started lavishing him with praise. Ugh. STOP. IT.

Had no idea about any of this; I’ve found his writing very admirable but if this is true it is obviously masking a lot of sickness. Will have to read up on this.

As someone who has Hugo Schwyzer as a professor, adviser, collaborator, and friend, I agree that he has made more than a few inexcusable mistakes in his past. He’s always been open about his flaws and his past, particularly in the hopes that other people can learn something from them, whether it’s about infidelity, unethical sexual behavior, boundaries, addiction, or other. He’s 100% committed to living his feminism and being accountable now, but if you still want to judge him for his past crimes, that’s up to you. (You may also want to read his post about the event that a lot of people have decided to call him a murderer for.)

In my interactions with him and through my struggles, he’s been nothing but appropriate and supportive—but not overbearing, and definitely not one word of mansplaining. As a 20 year-old female student and feminist, I’m willing to give my support to and vouch for Hugo, and hopefully that adds credence to the good person he is now.